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[01 Sep 2005|03:36pm]
-----------Start of Hogwarts, 6th year, potterfic -----------
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[Viewable by MWPP only] [26 Jul 2004|12:07pm]
[ mood | curious ]

I don't suppose any of you know where Evans is do you? I managed to get her phone number from her diary and her parents say she's staying with a friend. I even talked to that sister of her's to see where she was, what a bitch. I can see why Evans doesn't like her.

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[01 Mar 2004|11:22am]
My afternoon with LilyCollapse )
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[10 Feb 2004|10:58pm]
I'm not talking to you Remus Lupin, you lost me the one thing that's really important to me.
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